An Interlude For One

I’m disappointed that this song is only a minute in length, but it will sit nicely in my basket of “songs that don’t reflect the bands usual style”. I always enjoy putting these songs in mixes for people to confuse them when they listen to the rest of the album expecting more of the same. That’s right, I am a bastard. I believe these guys are typically classified as akin to Black Metal and the rest of the album, Starless, reflects this.

Ketzer – Silence And Sound

Fight The Fear In All Of Us

This is a collaborative tune composed and performed by Woodkid and Nils Frahm as part of an EP soundtrack for the short film ELLIS. It’s a gentle sweeping tune which is a perfect foil for the madness inside my brain right now.

Nils Frahm & Woodkid – Winter Morning I

I Really Hate Titles

I came across this guy last year via the Denovali label and was pleasantly captivated by his album Approach. He’s recently released a little EP by the name of Trails, and this is a nice upbeat tune from it, not too cluttered nor in your face. It’s got a bit of an In The Branches/The Adaptive thing going, and the distorted background vocals remind me a little of Moderat. All in all, I like where he’s going.

Subheim –  Forsaken Part II

My Kinda Tones

Well I’m going to throw back to an old favourite today. Collapse Under The Empire released Shoulders & Giants back in 2011 and there were 3 songs which struck me with gusto. This is the darkest of the 3, yet I still find it an uplifting listen. Reminds me a bit of Lights Out Asia which is probably mostly to do with the piano. Recently decided to have a listen again and see how it feels and I’m happy to find I still really like it.

Collapse Under The Empire – Disclosure

Down The Rabbit Hole

Today I spent a few hours listening to the album II by Moderat, which, as you might guess, is the precursor to their latest album III. If you blended a bit Ratatat‘s vibe with a slightly more grounded Kiasmos, and threw some vocals in the mix for good measure, that would be a reasonable approximation to my ears. Must say I’m rather enjoying these guys. And you know, they seem to do cool videos on the whole so that’s certainly a bonus too.

Moderat – Bad Kingdom


If yesterdays Halloween tune wasn’t sufficient to unsettle you, well just maybe this will finish the job. This is one of those things that one might fortuitously stumble upon and then spend some time questioning the decisions that have led them to this point in their life. Everything about this is just bizzaro, and I can’t say I like the music but the sheer logistics of his getup are impressive to say the least. Case in point:

“The face can be sequenced or I can hold a button on the mic and then in real time control the x/y position of the face through an accelerometer in the suit, so the face copies my hand gesture. At the same time, this is happening the same input signal can alter my voice, i.e., I move my hand up, the face moves up and so to the pitch of my voice.”

You can read a chunky interview here to gain a greater appreciation of this guy.

Anklepants – ???