A Pleasant Meander

If you’re a fan of instru-metal music then I highly recommend you check out this little album. It’s five tracks of very satisfying music, reminiscent of Pelican or Monolord (minus the vocals), or maybe even a heavy Astralia. They’ve managed to capture a satisfying atmosphere with these songs. Definitely worth a listen.

neànder – Aăs

An Interlude For One

I’m disappointed that this song is only a minute in length, but it will sit nicely in my basket of “songs that don’t reflect the bands usual style”. I always enjoy putting these songs in mixes for people to confuse them when they listen to the rest of the album expecting more of the same. That’s right, I am a bastard. I believe these guys are typically classified as akin to Black Metal and the rest of the album, Starless, reflects this.

Ketzer – Silence And Sound

Fight The Fear In All Of Us

This is a collaborative tune composed and performed by Woodkid and Nils Frahm as part of an EP soundtrack for the short film ELLIS. It’s a gentle sweeping tune which is a perfect foil for the madness inside my brain right now.

Nils Frahm & Woodkid – Winter Morning I

I Really Hate Titles

I came across this guy last year via the Denovali label and was pleasantly captivated by his album Approach. He’s recently released a little EP by the name of Trails, and this is a nice upbeat tune from it, not too cluttered nor in your face. It’s got a bit of an In The Branches/The Adaptive thing going, and the distorted background vocals remind me a little of Moderat. All in all, I like where he’s going.

Subheim –  Forsaken Part II

My Kinda Tones

Well I’m going to throw back to an old favourite today. Collapse Under The Empire released Shoulders & Giants back in 2011 and there were 3 songs which struck me with gusto. This is the darkest of the 3, yet I still find it an uplifting listen. Reminds me a bit of Lights Out Asia which is probably mostly to do with the piano. Recently decided to have a listen again and see how it feels and I’m happy to find I still really like it.

Collapse Under The Empire – Disclosure

Down The Rabbit Hole

Today I spent a few hours listening to the album II by Moderat, which, as you might guess, is the precursor to their latest album III. If you blended a bit Ratatat‘s vibe with a slightly more grounded Kiasmos, and threw some vocals in the mix for good measure, that would be a reasonable approximation to my ears. Must say I’m rather enjoying these guys. And you know, they seem to do cool videos on the whole so that’s certainly a bonus too.

Moderat – Bad Kingdom