Grog Flavoured Pirate Mints

Here’s some interesting sonical stuff for ya. These guys are a psychedelic noise rock band from the UK and this song is off their 2016 album Lucky Beast. There’s definitely a bit of interesting stuff going on in there. Have an ear gander!

The Infinite Three – Like Moss


Looks like these guys have a new album on the horizon, Poison The Parish. Boy sure takes me back hearing them, their songs (Fine Again and Driven Under in particular) from Disclaimer II, sure do take me all the way back to high school. Weird!

Seether – Let You Down

Pun After Me Own Art

Hard to dislike a band who blatantly puns their own name for a track title. I mean, come on! A bit of a garage rock, stoner/psychedelic thing going on. From what I’ve read on their bandcamp page, people are pretty happy with the album, so I think I’ll need to give this album a proper listen. This song Tide Alarms, is my ‘tide’ themed song for the week, off Tidal Arms self titled album. Enjoy the weekend!

Tidal Arms – Tide Alarms

Uncertainty In The Face

Here is some doomy psychedelic rock for your monday. At a glance the album doesn’t seem to offer anything out of the ordinary, but if this kinda of music is your cup of tea then I think you’ll enjoy their self titled album Pulczesar. I’m really selling it I know. I like the cover though, I think… it does kinda creep me out. Is it a raven exploding? Or some kinda demonic face?

Pulczesar – He Whose Shadow Is Pale

Arttraction Works

This is one of those bands where my interest was piqued by the album art. An exciting hobby of mine is trying to pick music based on the album cover. It’s super exciting. Really. Honest. So you can tell that this song is going to be rocking from the imagery there right? Dark grooves, not too heavy, definitely not death metal. Though I probably wouldn’t pick psychedelic with that colour scheme. Reminds me a smidge of Turbowolf …and Wolfmother… annnnnd Reignwolf. All the wolves!

Three Leg Dog – Dog