He’s At It Again

Mr Arnalds is making yet more sweet tunes. This is the first single from Island Songs, his 7-week journey across Iceland where he’ll record a series of compositions. In this one he collaborates with poet and retired teacher Einar Georg. Off to a good start I feel.

Ólafur Arnalds – Árbakkinn feat. Einar Georg

Anatomising Times

Our next entry in the Anatomy series. This song ended up covering both Muscle and Skin (and bones too if you really want). Good old crazy Björk.

Björk – I See Who You Are

He Who Fears Death Can Not Enjoy Life

Ok, the new theme is going to be ‘anatomy-related’ songs, so let’s see how that goes. This one covers the skeleton. Weird thing happened while pondering which song to post, I happened to be reading a random website where they were interviewing the main guy from this band. I thought he looked familiar, then it clicked, aside from fronting this band, he does arty stuff. It turns out that the big, awkward and entirely impractical map I purchased at The Dead Gallery in Reykjavik and proceeded to haul around for 6 weeks (creating all sorts of problems in my pack), was made by this guy! And then I noticed the name of the band, and it all seemed too perfect not to post it today under this theme. So here it is. More Psychedelic/Occult Rock.

Dead Skeletons – Dead Mantra

Psychedelic Milk Anyone?

So this guy and that guy jammed together and put out the album Collaborative Works (catchy name) featuring 18 tracks that capture qualities of each. I would have preferred to offer up A1 but then A2 had a pretty cool music video so it won out. I do however urge you to scout out and listen to A1 afterwards.

Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – A2


Hooray it’s Friday! To commemorate the occasion, I offer up to you this funky little number by Kiasmos. This is the title track from an EP they released in November last year and it keeps nicely in alignment with their self titled debut (go listen if you haven’t already). An excellent little follow up, my only complaint is, at 4 tracks it’s too short!

Kiasmos – Swept

Vikings-esque Icelandic Music

I came across this band several months back while I was in the midst of watching the Vikings tv series. While it has nothing to do with the series, it has a certain evocative style to it  which conjures up Vikings imagery. This is the first track off the album which has a satisfyingly dark tone to it.

Árstíðir – Himinhvel