Havana Daze

A long time ago I used to work in Wellington in one of the strangest jobs I had – databasing crustaceans. The novelty wore off after a few months of shrimp, and let me tell you, dead shrimp all tend to look the same! One of the things that got me by was drinking copious amounts of coffee from the nearby coffee shop. I got to know the barista and we bonded over a mutual dislike of our jobs. Alas he moved away and while I’ve caught up with him once since then, he (or me, I’m not sure) dropped off the radar. In a spot of boredom I looked him up recently and found out he’s been making some music since I last saw him. I present to you, some lo-fi indie chill vibe stuff from the coffee guy.

Champion Racehorse – Another Town


Today’s song brings to mind artists such as The Joy Division, M83, and The Drums… I think it’s something about the lo-fi vibe. Seems like some good clean chill out music. More listening may ensue.

Black Marble – Iron Lung

Take The Higher Road

I’m a huge fan of this song, something about the relative simplicity of it and those positive lyrics really works for me. Unfortunately it has one of the more boring music videos I’ve seen. I really expected more from ol Maynard. So don’t ruin your experience of the music by watching the video. Please don’t. Just put it on and listen.

Puscifer – Momma Sed

I See Right Through You

I’d pegged this song for today’s post and then noticed that the video contained a lot of blood vessel action, so I’m gonna designate this for capillary/vein and tick it for anatomy. It’s a groovy, bass-laden song, with a video that’s definitely flirting with psychedelia.  The drummer is also generating a lot of interest so check out their other stuff if that sounds like you.

Autolux – Brainwasher

Something With Groove

Here’s something with a spot of groove for friday. A band that falls under the garage rock umbrella… which actually makes me want to sort out a garage to listen to this kind of music in. Hmmm wonder if I could sneak into the neighbour’s one without them noticing…

Fort Union – Blood Of Me

Feeling Beckish

Not a very exciting story really, I was reading about someones coincidence the other day, “After a long weekend I talked to a friend like ‘hey mate, i found this band, best lo-fi i’ve listened to’. He answered: ‘oh, i also listened to some new lo-fi this weekend, it’s pretty obscure though’.” Yes, turns out they were listening to the same band. I hadn’t heard of the band, but naturally they pop up on my radar with a new album the next day. Now I have a coincidence about their coincidence. Cool Story.

Car Seat Headrest – Vincent

Phantom L’s

I’m not scraping the bottom of the Elephant barrel yet, I think I’ve still got a few more tricks up my sleeve… so here’s this weeks random elephant related tune. Another song in the lo-fi styling. This is the solo project of one of the guys from the typically upbeat band Menomena.

Lackthereof – Doomed Elephants

Swishing Memories

Here’s a rather dreamy tune. It conjures the flow of a small stream, effortlessly pouring its way over pebbles and stones, glistening in the sunlight. Time is irrelevant. This place lives in dreams and memories.

Elephant – About Everything

Lo (fi) and Behold

I heard a rumour that these guys have a new album coming out, so that was a good prompt to plonk this song out there. There seems to be a bit of angst going on in the video, some pent up aggression being un-pent huh? It’s funny, I never bothered to look up what lo-fi was as a genre, but for some reason tagged a bunch of my music with it, including this, so I’m relieved to see I lucked out with that classification. Lo-fi music is “of a lower quality of sound recordings than the usual standard for modern music”. You learn something new everyday.

The Kills – Last Day Of Magic