That Makes A Change

This evenings tune is a pretty decent Instrumental number by a band from Massachusetts. This is off of their 2016 album Everything Is Beautiful. I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, every time it shuffles on I’m impressed by it and make a mental note to put it up here. So far I have about 10 of those mental notes… slacker! Bits of If These Trees Could Talk, hints of Do Make Say Think in the quieter passages, and just a smattering of a Lehnen thing going on too.

Pray For Sound – I Have Seen Hell And It’s White


Once Every Few Months

While I personally can’t stand the comments of youtube videos, I also have some morbid fascination with reading some of the bile that people put on there. Can’t help myself apparently. It’s not often that I find a comment in youtube that makes me laugh, but the one on this song I found quite entertaining.

~Band starts playing~ “I wish that everyone I knew was dead” ~Band stops playing and gives him dirty looks~

I just like that. Great opening line for a song too =) total class.

Highly Suspect – Serotonia

An Old Walking Tune

This song is probably one of the earliest tunes that I noticed effecting my walking pace. I could slap it on repeat, and arrive at places a whole 10 minutes ahead of schedule (wow!). I’d forgotten about it for, oh probably 6 years now, but today Staind shuffled their way onto my headphones and jogged my memory, so here we are. Still makes me want to walk.

Staind – Yesterday


I’m sorry, I completely forgot to do an elephant related post last week. Just completely slipped my mind, and truth be told, now I stop and think about it, I think I’ve had enough of the elephant theme. It was fun, it made life interesting, but now for something else. Brighter pastures await… I think we’ll all miss the elephants, but that part of my life is behind me now. There I said it. Now turn your ear to this. This song (and the supremely excellent album The Hymn of a Broken Man) really helped me get through a break up some years back. It’s an excellent combination of somber, brutal, and optimistic. A side project of the lead guitarist from Killswitch Engage, Adam Dutkiewicz, and the former (now returned) vocalist, Jesse Leach. The riffing that kicks in at about 1:45 gets me every single time. Still.

Times Of Grace – Fall From Grace

Stark Juxtaposition

To add a bit of contrast, I’m going to follow up that previous post with something at the complete opposite end of the scale… Killswitch Engage. I have been thrashing this track for the past week, something about the chorus really grabs me. They’re back with the original vocalist and all seems peachy. This is off their latest album Incarnate.

Killswitch Engage – Embrace the Journey…Upraised

Sigur Rós on Steroids

I’m plagiarizing someone’s comment on youtube for the title, but it seemed fitting. Apparently it just seems like a day for rehashing artists I’ve already posted before, the last couple days I’ve found myself thrashing this song, pretty much just for the tiny portion of punching beats at 5:37 (and the build up to that). Why does my brain pinpoint in on stuff like that? It’s weird. This is off of Caspian’s 2009 album Tertia.

Caspian – Ghosts Of The Garden City

Random trivia: The city of Beverly declared October 18 to be “Caspian Day” with an official notice from the city Mayor.

Similar But Not

I’ve mentioned these guys before in passing and having had a couple of their songs pop up on my music shuffling today, I found that sufficient motivation to do a post of one of their songs. This is the opening song off of their (sadly final) album Wavering Radiant. I always think of Isis as a more brutal Tool, and funnily enough Adam Jones (of Tool) was a guest artist on this album, contributing guitar on this song and keyboard on another. This is a great song to let wash over you and a good representation of what to expect from the frankly excellent album.

Isis – Hall Of The Dead