None Needed

Here’s a song from a band I know absolutely nothing about. But I really have enjoyed this song over the last few months. My music taste seems to have shifted towards the “Post Hardcore”/”Melodic Metalcore” spectrum over the past couple of years. As an educational aside, let’s just have a quick look at what characterises these 2 genres.

Post Hardcore: Has been around since the 1980’s and has enjoyed a certain revival over the past decade. Pilfering from Wikipedia, Music database AllMusic stated “these newer bands, termed post-hardcore, often found complex and dynamic ways of blowing off steam that generally went outside the strict hardcore realm of ‘loud fast rules’. Additionally, many of these bands’ vocalists were just as likely to deliver their lyrics with a whispered croon as they were a maniacal yelp.” Allmusic also claims that post-hardcore bands find creative ways to build and release tension rather than “airing their dirty laundry in short, sharp, frenetic bursts”.

Metalcore: Has also been around since the 1980’s, and like Post Hardcore, has its roots in Hardcore Punk. “Metalcore is noted for its use of breakdowns, which are slow, intense passages conducive to moshing. Other defining instrumentation includes heavy guitar riffs often utilizing percussive pedal tones and double bass drumming. Vocalists in the genre typically perform screaming, more popular bands often combine this with the use of standard singing, usually during the bridge or chorus of a song. However the death growl is also a popular technique within the genre.”

I find myself being rather picky about which bands fall within this cross section appeal to me. There’s a certain melodic clean vocal/scream combo which comes from the Post Hardcore, and when done right, is extremely satisfying when paired with the heaviness of Metalcore. Take this song for example.

Defences – In Eclipse

I Like Those Odds!

I have to say I do enjoy finding the black sheep song on albums. That odd one out which is usually experimental or pared back, maybe acoustic, maybe electronic… Case in point, today’s song is a floaty melodic number off an album of djenty metal tunes. I likes it! The name of the song refers to a particular kind of cloud so it seems befitting. And hey, it’s a circular tune!

I Built The Sky – Floccus

Don’t Be Lulled

Today’s circular tune comes all the way from Sweden via 2003. This is Burst with an instrumental interlude type tune. FYI don’t go listening to the rest of the album expecting similar stuff, it’s Prog Metal otherwise. Good album though if that kind of music floats your boat.

Burst – Fourth Sun

The Madness! (More So)

I think the less said about this song the better. Tosin Abasi who started the band, plays an 8 string guitar and it’s crazy, go have a squiz at some videos of him playing it. And hey, a new album coming out soon by these fellas!

Animals As Leaders – Arithmophobia


I’m sorry, I completely forgot to do an elephant related post last week. Just completely slipped my mind, and truth be told, now I stop and think about it, I think I’ve had enough of the elephant theme. It was fun, it made life interesting, but now for something else. Brighter pastures await… I think we’ll all miss the elephants, but that part of my life is behind me now. There I said it. Now turn your ear to this. This song (and the supremely excellent album The Hymn of a Broken Man) really helped me get through a break up some years back. It’s an excellent combination of somber, brutal, and optimistic. A side project of the lead guitarist from Killswitch Engage, Adam Dutkiewicz, and the former (now returned) vocalist, Jesse Leach. The riffing that kicks in at about 1:45 gets me every single time. Still.

Times Of Grace – Fall From Grace

Ease Into It

Today’s song is from an album (Rivers and Shores) which is a collaboration blending Hungarian guitar and French piano. But with a twist… The two artists alternate interpretations of each song, first the guitar by Black Hill (representing the river) and then heklAa’s piano rendition (as the shore). So the album itself makes for a rather interesting listening experience. Let the track run on to listen to the alternative version of it.

Black Hill – Arros / heklAa- Arros


Hungary For… Apples?

This is a bit of an unusual track to me, sort of Classical style Instru-metal. I think it sounds better than that description mind you. Just the one Hungarian guy behind the music, and he seems pretty talented as he also does the artwork for his albums. This is off the 2014 album Wilderness, and he has a new one, Holocene, releasing very shortly. (Actually you can get all his albums for super cheap on bandcamp at the moment so snap that deal up).

Release The Long Ships – The Heart Of The Mountain