Festive Mess

Today’s song is brought to you by the letter ‘Q’ and the number ‘7’. I think this is about as festive a tune as I can be bothered posting (and it’s not really festive in the slightest). Christmas music generally gets my goat up. This is yet another chill tune from the Netherlands… I’m starting to notice a pattern. Off the album Continuum which I hear good things about.

Shook – Remember

Blowing Hoses

Today’s circular tune is by an artist who figured quite prominently on my night walking expeditions last year. They’ve recently released a new album Collapsing Horizons, which upon casual listening, seems quite fine, though nothing has leapt out at me in particular. More listening and night walking will be the test. In the mean time, here is:

Tangent – Distorted Perspective

A Whopper Of Mystery

I really don’t know what’s going on with this song. I don’t really know why it’s so long. Whether it was made for someone else. Whether that someone else was a music publication based in Dublin. Whether it’s an amalgamation of their own music or bits of other peoples collated by them. Really I don’t know anything much. BUT what I do know, is that the song is pretty cool and upbeat, and makes for some really good background music for creative stuff or walking. I recommend putting it on and just letting it go in the background, washing over you with relaxative waves of chillness.

Cubicolor – When We Dip 069

Theme Three. Threme.

I thought I’d take a crack at a slightly different style of theme, so I’m focusing on an artwork-centric theme for this next series of posts: anything with a Central Circular Image. Here’s the first song from the album O.

De Staat – Murder Death


Here’s a band I totally forgot about. A relaxing saunter of an album, featuring minimalist beats, piano notes, saxophone all wrapped up in jazzerific tunes. A good soundtrack for a glass of wine at night and some contemplation.

Trigg & Gusset – Desert Wind

Ready, Set, Fight

Here’s a song from quite a ways back, by a mysterious (to me) band called Atlantis. I’d totally forgotten about them until a song randomly shuffled on today. I used to quite enjoy thrashing this back when, and this really only reinforces why I now have this place to put things up, for remembering purposes!

Atlantis – Mongoose vs. Cobra