Pun After Me Own Art

Hard to dislike a band who blatantly puns their own name for a track title. I mean, come on! A bit of a garage rock, stoner/psychedelic thing going on. From what I’ve read on their bandcamp page, people are pretty happy with the album, so I think I’ll need to give this album a proper listen. This song Tide Alarms, is my ‘tide’ themed song for the week, off Tidal Arms self titled album. Enjoy the weekend!

Tidal Arms – Tide Alarms

Clap Yon Handburgers

It has been a long time since I’ve listened to these guys. They dropped off my radar and I haven’t listened to any of their recent albums, but today this song popped up so I thought I’d share it. They seem to have dropped their slightly whining David Byrne thing they had going, and while I enjoyed the novelty of that, I think I can live with it.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Fireproof


Today’s song brings to mind artists such as The Joy Division, M83, and The Drums… I think it’s something about the lo-fi vibe. Seems like some good clean chill out music. More listening may ensue.

Black Marble – Iron Lung

Ad-libbed Creepy

I heard a rumour that the vocalist basically ad-libbed all the vocals when she got to the studio. Seems like there’s a bit of dark below the surface there. Anyway this is this weeks anatomy themed song. No prizes for guessing the anatomy. Some doomy post metal/rock for ya. Also that’s a pretty gross visual conjured up by the song name. Go on, picture it.

Battle Of Mice – Cave Of Spleen