Double Day

I’ve been hearing rumblings of this album so thought I’d check it out. Always happy to find a new (good) artist from the mother country. These guys are from Wellington and have just put out a very solid album of Atmospheric Instrumetal called Unearthing. Loving the dark tones of this song in particular.

Into Orbit – Stone Circles

We Finally Really Did It…

Well maybe we didn’t blow it up, but these guys finally bumped up the quality of their 1999 video to Nice Day For An Earthquake. It always frustrated me that there wasn’t a higher res version of this video anywhere on the internets. Apparently it bugged the band too because they finally did something about it… BUT it kinda weirds me out. They reanimated over the top of the original which certainly adds something else to it, but I also feel like it’s lost something in the process. Iff you didn’t know better, you might think it’s just a mediocre video. I recommend watching the (yes low-res) original for comparison, as the camera work was pretty clever.

Jakob – Nice Day For An Earthquake

Sad There Was Not More

The Dukes Of Leisure were an instrumental band from Wellington from back in the early 2000s. They opened for a Jakob gig I went to and I remember thinking, “shit these guys are really good, I’ll have to see them again”, then at the end of the set they announced it was their last performance ever and they were disbanding. Oh the disappointment! They have a handful of songs out there, it’s uplifting, pretty approachable instrumental music.

The Dukes Of Leisue – Time Must Have A Stop

Did I Say Routine?

Apparently I spoke too soon. Here’s a song by a 2 piece band from New Zealand. I believe it’s a side project of the guitarist from Jakob so it has various nuances that will bring them to mind, but it stands apart. It’s a different beasty, darker somehow… Anyway see what you think. This song brings Cypress Hill to mind which seems pretty random to me.

Mean – Cirella

Shit, I’m Getting Old

Well I was mildly horrified to find that the album this next song is from, came out waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2001, which in case you’re time challenged, is 15 years ago. 15 years ago! Holy shit! This was right at the start of my developing music taste, and thanks to a complete lack of social life coupled with a pretty cool late night music show, I was introduced to a few gems of music. Take for instance this song and accompanying music video. I’ve remembered the guy playing xylophone on the skulls since I first saw this way back then. Weird how some things just stick with you. This is off Salmonella Dub‘s album Inside The Dub Plates which just so happens to have a circular image on the cover…

Image result for salmonella dub inside the dub plates

Salmonella Dub – Problems

I Hope Mine Do

Here’s one I’ve been saving for a special occasion, but I didn’t have one, so instead you just get it today, which makes today the special occasion as you now get this song… Ah the logic. Having a bit of trouble not just hitting repeat on this over and over. Definitely has a tinge of The Black Keys to the sound, but it also reminds me of an older band I used to listen to and for the life of me, can’t put my finger on. Something about that pared back vocal style. Heck it’s a song that seems to get under your skin a little, so be wary of that. Off the new album, Total Depravity.

The Veils – Do Your Bones Glow At Night?

A Song Of The Plant Spirits

Here’s some instrumental music for fans of Jakob, Russian Circles, Explosions In The Sky. Unfortunately there are only 3 tracks on the EP, but they’re pretty worth a listen. And hey, they’re from Auckland here in NZ so that’s always a bonus.

Icaro – Grey