How Do You Sleep?

This is a band which has been with me off and on for the past ten years. Their earlier stuff was pretty varied, bit of pop punk/alternative rock with a splash of metal thrown in the mix. Over the years they seem to have gotten darker and heavier which is fine with me. Case in point, this song off their 2014 album Heavy Fruit, which definitely takes a turn for the brutal (sadly I think it gets a bit distorted on this stream).

He Is Legend – I Sleep Just Fine

Sifting Along

Well here’s a new artist for me – Made Of Oak. This electronic grooving song is off of 2015’s EP Penumbra, and it seems solid. Can’t argue with that purring beat. Though I do have a weird urge to hold hands with someone now haha. 

Made Of Oak – Pinebender

Channeling Ghosts

The vocalist in this band sounds a dead ringer for the guy from The Clouds Are Ghosts, uncannily so, to the point I’ve had to repeatedly google just to be sure. And it’s not! Still! My Epic is new on my radar, though there’s something here which hooks me in and I have a feeling I’ll be checking out more of their stuff. This song has guest (brutal) vocals from the dude from Everything In Slow Motion which is probably one of my favourite bands of the past few years… So that’s a bonus!

My Epic – Ghost Story

Real Classy…

Well I kinda like this song, it’s got a bit of a funereal dirgey sound to it, and positively oozes grim. As someone else mentioned, it sort of sounds like a blend of Pink Floyd and Ghost. Not much of a fan of the video although the smokey drummer is rather cool. Anyway another band to add to the basket of ‘Occult Rock’. Wooo!

Bloody Hammers – The Reaper Comes

The Vultures Are Circling

Missed an opportunity earlier this week to tick another circular artwork but never fear, I won’t be running short on inspiration. Here’s this weeks theme tune, please take a moment to observe the artwork below followed by the song… This is actually the solo project from the vocalist of Between The Buried And Me, but don’t worry it’s not brutal.

Image result for thomas giles – modern noise

Thomas Giles – Mutilated World

Space Metal

A spot of Instru-Metal rock to get the day going. Their latest album Red Giant came out last year and is well worth a spin. This is the opening track and is a little reminiscent of the now extremely defunct (regretfuly) band Dukes of Leisure. This is probably the least amping of the songs on the album if that tells you anything.

Barrows – Nebula (2014)

And as an added bonus I’m going to throw in a song from their previous album which I always dug, mind you I was always going to like it based on the name alone. It’s a live version.

Barrows – Pirates (2011)