A Break Away

Here you go, this weeks shining example of a circular album cover. I’ve been trawling my library and it’s been a frustrating exercise as I keep finding album covers with circular motifs, only to realise I’ve already posted a song by whomever. But not today! It’s Ulver, a band I meant to post ages ago but forgot about (luckily for me). Now you get:

Ulver – Glammer Hammer

Big Meaty Claws

Wardruna have a new album coming out shortly (Runaljod – Ragnarok) and have dropped a couple of songs ahead of its release. I’ve been impressed by both but particularly enjoy the tribal sounding drumming in this song, and the horn that comes in at around 2:23 is rather haunting. These are the guys who have assisted with the soundtrack for Vikings, not to mention that Einar Selvik is also half of Skuggsjá. Check out my earlier posts relating to these guys here and here if this floats your boat.

Wardruna – Odal

Blimey, 200 Posts!

Wow, I’m surprised to see I’ve clocked up 200 posts, and relieved to see I’m not going to run out of music to post anytime soon. To celebrate, here’s a triumphant sounding song from the guys who brought you Enslaved and Wardruna. It has been a while since I posted a Vikingsy song so…

Skuggsjá – Skuggsjá

Bit Of Madness

Here’s a fun little ditty to polish off, or maybe start your Tuesday. For fans of Diablo Swing Orchestra. According to Wikipedia, these guys are “notable for being among the first non-black metal Norwegian bands or artists singing in their native language to become popular beyond Scandinavia”. Have fun singing along…

Kaizers Orchestra – En For Orgelet, En For Meg

Nordic Folk?

I’m a massive fan of the Vikings TV series and the accompanying soundtrack by Trevor Morris. These guys, Wardruna, worked with Mr Morris to help compose the score for the second season, and it’s a pretty darn epic soundtrack. I’m not entirely certain whether this song was used during the series, but I sure seem to associate it with it. Cheers to the Viking who put me onto it.

Wardruna – Dagr

Vulture Culture

And now for something a little different, this here is a spot of avant-garde metal (supposedly). Love the vintage cartoon style, very dark and rather bizarre. Also a big fan of the album cover.

Vulture Industries – Lost Among Liars