Unfortunately I can’t seem to embed a link to the specific song that I’d like to from this album, so I’m going to have to just put direct link to it and let you do the clicking work. What I found entertaining is that the sample at the start is the same as that in a more recent song. So let’s have a comparison of style and wonder why they both sampled the same audio snippet. I chose the John Holowach song due to its relevance to “The End” theme, and then thought I’d throw the other one in for good measure. You can download John’s album for free at that site too btw. So firstly click on his name to go the link:

John Holowach – The End (2005)

And then:

Crown The Empire – Are You Coming With Me? (2016)

Lost In Thought, Oblivious Of Time

Well this seems a befitting tune for the day considering the current weather that’s floating around down here. If you do nothing else but read the titles of this guys album, you’ll be doing yourself a favour. They bring to mind a less serious Red Sparowes. Musically this wee album is bad ass, although the way it’s structured is a bit odd. There are 4 tracks of decent lengths, but within one you might here several different ‘songs’, I’m not sure what to make of that. But just listen to it as a whole and it’s great. Solid Instrumetal.

Cloudkicker – A Weather Front Was Stalled Out In The Pacific – Like A Lonely person, Lost In Thought, Oblivious Of Time

Slow Reversion

It’s been an interesting year for my music taste, it seems to have cycled back to include a bit more heavier stuff which I’d gradually been pulling away from for the past few years. And I’m kinda glad to see it, it’s a bit like seeing an old friend again. So here’s something with a bit more thunk to it. Wolves At The Gate have a new album out (Types And Shadows) and this is the opening song off it. Been enjoying the pace and tone of it, and the album itself seems pretty decent I gotta say.

Wolves At The Gate – Asleep

Closing Out The Week

Here’s a kick ass instrumental track by the band If These Trees Could Talk off their new (excellent) album The Bones Of A Dying World. Reminiscent of Caspian, Red Sparowes and perhaps even God Is An Astronaut. Check out the album, and then check out their previous one, Red Forest. Have a great weekend!

If These Trees Could Talk – Berlin

Actually I’m just going to leave this track here as well…

If These Trees Could Talk – Iron Glacier

That Time Of The Week

Well, here it is, no doubt the highlight of your week… the random day that another Elephant themed tune gets posted. I know, I know, the excitement is palpable. Here’s a song by a band who are apparently going for a blend of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and sometimes The Beatles. This is the finale to the album which seems like a nice jaunt.

Lemon Sky – Ash And Bone

The Madness, Oh The Madness

Well this week, despite my best efforts, became a bit of madness. Today I am heading to Wellington to spend the weekend hanging out with my friends and celebrating festoonities like birthdays, then on Monday it’s off to Iceland. I believe I have something like 44 hours of travel and airports to look forward to. So all of this means that I’ve been extremely neglectful to this blog, and will be for the coming months, I do humbly apologise for this. To atone, here is an oddly dark tune, possessing a backbone of vibrant, uplifting notes. Love the album art.

Black Wing – My Body Betrayed Me