Cornucopia Fax

I like learning something new. Today I learnt that the drummer from Bon Iver does some solo stuff under his moniker S. Carey. Trivia!  This is off his 2014 album Range Of Light.

S. Carey – Neverending Fountain


Mildly Somber

Grand tidings to you on this Tuesday of days. Where does the time go? I sometimes feel like I’m living in a vacuum which sucks all the time in. Every time I look, more seems to have disappeared. So here is a slow moving piano piece to combat this passage. From the 2013 album Weekendary.

Flica – Ideal

Fight The Fear In All Of Us

This is a collaborative tune composed and performed by Woodkid and Nils Frahm as part of an EP soundtrack for the short film ELLIS. It’s a gentle sweeping tune which is a perfect foil for the madness inside my brain right now.

Nils Frahm & Woodkid – Winter Morning I

He’s At It Again

Mr Arnalds is making yet more sweet tunes. This is the first single from Island Songs, his 7-week journey across Iceland where he’ll record a series of compositions. In this one he collaborates with poet and retired teacher Einar Georg. Off to a good start I feel.

Ólafur Arnalds – Árbakkinn feat. Einar Georg

Ease Into It

Today’s song is from an album (Rivers and Shores) which is a collaboration blending Hungarian guitar and French piano. But with a twist… The two artists alternate interpretations of each song, first the guitar by Black Hill (representing the river) and then heklAa’s piano rendition (as the shore). So the album itself makes for a rather interesting listening experience. Let the track run on to listen to the alternative version of it.

Black Hill – Arros / heklAa- Arros


Chance For A Timeless Souffle

Ocoeur has a new album out (Reversed), so sample upon this song and then give the rest a listen. On the whole the album is a lot more focused on piano, strings and ambient textures, with only a light scattering of glitchy noises (this song is probably the odd one out in that regard). Akin to Ólafur Arnalds and Goldmund.

Ocoeur – Timeless