Uncertainty In The Face

Here is some doomy psychedelic rock for your monday. At a glance the album doesn’t seem to offer anything out of the ordinary, but if this kinda of music is your cup of tea then I think you’ll enjoy their self titled album Pulczesar. I’m really selling it I know. I like the cover though, I think… it does kinda creep me out. Is it a raven exploding? Or some kinda demonic face?

Pulczesar – He Whose Shadow Is Pale

Aptly Titled

So Riverside have recently released their new album Eye Of The Soundscape, an instrumental compilation consisting of numerous older tracks and a sprinkling of new ones. And as far as a listening experience goes, ‘soundscape’ is a term I’d definitely employ to describe this album. Sadly their guitarist Piotr died earlier this year, which frankly sucks, though I’m glad to hear the remaining members have decided to continue on, now as a 3 piece. Hope it works for them!

Riverside – Where The River Flows

Duality or Evil Twin?

I’m not sure what it is about music videos. I rant about this often, even if the video aint that great, if I watch it, I seem to have a much higher chance of ‘clicking’ with the song. Here’s another one for that box. It’s actually a good video but not one I feel a burning desire to make the world watch. Upside is that I really like this song now. Reminds me a bit of Collapse Under The Empire, Dumbsaint, and maybe a smidgen of God Is An Astronaut

Tides From Nebula – The Lifter

Scala POI Wrapping Objects

I haven’t the foggiest idea if that title is in fact where the name of this band comes from, but when I searched for SPOIWO, that was one of the things that came up, so there it is. Our lives are now enriched for it. Here’s a dark, rather cinematic feeling, and epic sounding track from their 2015 album Salute Solitude. It’s a good one for night time, and darkness, and headphones, and introspection, and, and, and…


Phobia Incorporated?

Here’s a rather satisfying ditty by a Polish quartet who go by the name of Fobia Inc. Someone new on my radar but I’m suitably satisfied by their new album Astral Seasons that I’ll have to go and inspect their back catalogue as well. It’s got enough variation going to keep your interest, bearing similarities to Toundra, Long Distance Calling and even Explosions In The Sky at times.

Fobia Inc. – Lost

Beep, Boop Boop Bop

This song just came on and proved to be decidedly distracting from the card game I was playing, what with all the ‘boops’, ‘beeps’ and ‘bip-bips’. The album itself is a rather gentle affair, full of long spacious passages and ambient textures, it is an excellent listen for nights and/or with headphones.  Lots of behind the scenes activity to enjoy.

Lights Dim with Gallery Six – Mission Time

Aetherway I’m Happy

I’m gonna round off the week with a relaxed tune by one of my frequently enjoyed artists, Riverside. They’ve just released a new album and this is from it. Riverside is one of my highly rated “prog-rock” bands and I really like Mariusz Duda vocals, but I must say I do quite enjoy their experimental, instrumental stuff. It’s nice and easy to get lost in. Also be sure to take the time to have a listen to Lunatic Soul, a solo side project of Duda’s.

Riverside – Aether

Atmospheric Metal

I think I like this song because it reminds me of yester-years. There’s certainly something reminiscent of living in Wellington in days gone by, strongly evocative of strolling the streets on dusk, listening to music and feeling separated from the world. If you’re in a contemplative mood then this is for you.

Jakub Zytecki – The Sea’s Only Gifts Are Harsh Blows