All Comparisons Aside

This is a band that seems to draw a lot of comparisons to Tool, Opeth, and Katatonia, and I can see where these comparisons are coming from, but the band does seem to be their own entity. Their new album Lykaia, definitely seems worth a listen to help tide you over until the next Tool album. I’m digging the part that rolls in around the 4.30 mark on this song, pretty sick.

Soen – Opal

Positively Brutal

Today’s song is the title track off Vision‘s new album; Shake The Earth. Something about it really appeals to me, I’m guessing this has something to do with the switch from relatively ‘un-aggressive’ vocals to aggressive vocals and the ramp up of intensity which that produces. But don’t let my blathering put you off the song, just have a listen. It’s a positive song (I think…).

Visions – Shake The Earth

So Much Binge

Why hello there, I’ve returned to populate your musical horizons! I know I said I’d ‘maybe’ take a week off, well as you might have noticed, it turned into two as I liked the idea of restarting with a new month. So here we are, October! I’m going to restart with a song off an album I’d posted from before, it’s a little bit like cheating but given how much I’ve been listening to it lately, well it deserves to go up. I recently went back and listened to TesseracT’s 2015 album Polaris and found this song which I hadn’t picked up on previously. And man, I’m both disappointed I hadn’t found it before, and glad that I have it to binge now. Phwam! Soooo welcome back and hopefully you find some songs you like as we move into the future…

TesseracT – Seven Names

Mission Statement

Hello friend. This site has 2 main functions, it is a repository for songs to keep track of what I’m currently listening to, and also to remember what I used to listen to. Apparently with the sheer volume of music at our fingertips these days, it’s ridiculously easy to binge a song and then have it drop from your mind for months or, shockingly, years. This is my backup memory. If in the process of all this, you find new or old bands you didn’t know about, well that’s an excellent fringe benefit.

In so saying, today’s post features another band from years gone by, The Sound Of Animals Fighting. At the time, I was pretty engrossed by this album, though now it has a few memories attached to it which I’d rather not recall. Still it was a damn good album, pretty weird, and certainly varied. Try this song on for size.

The Sound Of Animals Fighting – I, The Swan

“I Digged That”

Well here we are with another music video. I like how these guys have done this one, looks like it would have been a bit of fun putting it together. Lots of little flashes of intriguing (and often a little grim looking) things going on in the background. I don’t think the song reflects the style of the rest of the album though, just gonna tear that band-aid off now. The band describes their sound as “hard-to-classify heavy sound with plenty of contrasts”. Think that says it all.

Obsidian Kingdom – Fingers In Anguish

Soord & Renkse

2013 still seems quite recent huh? Imagine my surprise today when I worked out that things (like albums for instance) are going to be turning 3 years old this year. That’s shocking! Where does the time go?! It seems like only yesterday that I was listening to this album for the first time. Here’s the opening track off of the Wisdom of Crowds album by Bruce Soord (of The Pineapple Thief) and Jonas Renkse (of Katatonia) . It’s a pretty funky album from head to toe.

Bruce Soord & Jonas Renkse – Pleasure

Perfect Life

Well here’s a slightly melancholic number to round off the week. This song is inspired by a young woman named Joyce Carol Vincent who died in her flat, and sadly, it was 3 years before anyone found her. This song, Perfect Life, is from the perspective of a young woman who finds she has an older sister. She gets to know her over a few months and then the older sister just disappears. Steven Wilson says of the inspiration:

“Joyce Carol Vincent was a story about ten years ago in the UK in 2006. She was found dead in her North London flat. Her body had been there for three years undiscovered. That’s not the sort of thing you forget in a hurry. That story was kind of very shocking, but it was only when I saw the documentary about her called Dreams of a Life about three years ago. I began to understand a lot more about Joyce Carol Vincent, and that she was not as I had assumed. I think most people would assume she was a lonely little old lady. She was quite the opposite. She was a young, attractive and popular woman who potentially had many friends and family. It kind of made the story even more strange, even more shocking, but in a way, I could also understand how something like this could happen. I, myself, lived in London for 20 years and I never knew my next-door neighbors. I never knew what they did. I never knew their names. They didn’t know what I did for a living, and they didn’t know my name”.

I personally don’t find the video as powerful as the song itself, so be sure to listen to the song on its own as well.

Steven Wilson – Perfect Life