Slow Off The Mark

So here’s the tune I was supposed to put up yesterday but kinda forgot/got lazy. It’s some nitty gritty Instrumetal which will totally go down a treat for your friday. This track has some satisfying ‘djenty’ sounds going on… Gotta say I really don’t like the word ‘djent’ but it is what it is, a term derived from the low tuned sounds of the bass (if I remember rightly). Bonus points on this track is that it has Jakub Zytecki providing some guitaring and soloing.

Modern Day Babylon – Lost In Dreams


Misleading Artwork

I must say, based on the album cover, I was expecting something quite different to what we get here. I would have pegged heavy metal, or at least some brutal(ish) vocals, and yet here we are with a pretty groovy piece of instrumetal music, akin to Monkey3 or Barrows. Space rock even, and I’m pretty sure there’s some old dos game sound effects in there too. Commander Keen, I’m looking at you. Goes to show you can’t always judge an album by its cover…

Human Factor – Fifth Dimension

Quintillion = A Ridiculously Large Number

So these guys have been in my library for a bit over 10 years now and with each new album they vary their style, experiment with new things, change the sound up, and each time they seem to nail it. They’ve just done the soundtrack to an upcoming game and this track is from it. The game – No Man’s Sky – is apparently a gigantic self generating universe containing 18 quintillion planets. What’s interesting about the soundtrack is that there are two parts, the first a straight up soundtrack as performed by the band. The second is procedural generated, using base samples created by the band to, in theory, produce an ever changing soundtrack for the game. Pretty snazzy stuff. Here’s:

65daysofstatic – Red Parallax

Conducting A Beat

Here’s a sweet tune to groove to. Bits of space rock, more psychedelic vibes, and waves of distortion. Think a blend of Maserati, Darkside, and Monkey3. These guys are from Brighton, UK, and this is off of their second album, Join The Dots.

Toy – Conductor

Not Metal For Astronauts

Today’s post is actually one of those full length albums that you occasionally see on youtube. I’m a bit skeptical as to how long these links stay up but hey let’s give it a shot. This is Audio/Visual, an album put out by the band Rosetta last year, who typically play metal music. However this album breaks the mold, and makes for a rather nice, relatively relaxed listening experience in the vein of ambient/gentle instrumental. Good for a journey.

Rosetta – Audio/Visual Original Score

Most unusually I noticed a comment on youtube that I actually liked, and seems remarkably apt.
“The mark of true talent is the ability to create something almost entirely different rather than relying on the expected.”
Bang on Foob Noob. Bang on.

Space Metal

A spot of Instru-Metal rock to get the day going. Their latest album Red Giant came out last year and is well worth a spin. This is the opening track and is a little reminiscent of the now extremely defunct (regretfuly) band Dukes of Leisure. This is probably the least amping of the songs on the album if that tells you anything.

Barrows – Nebula (2014)

And as an added bonus I’m going to throw in a song from their previous album which I always dug, mind you I was always going to like it based on the name alone. It’s a live version.

Barrows – Pirates (2011)