Not Bad At All

Here’s a new band for me, maybe for you too. Has a very familiar feel to the song, reminds me of a bit of that old school rock. Very decent opener for the new album Ebb and Flow. I dunno about you but I’m definitely gonna check out the full album.

Minora – The Void

In The Nick Of Time

Some years ago I stumbled upon this band and posted a song up here. Today marks the 3 year anniversary of that song! Just kidding, it’s a bit over 3 years though, and these guys released a new album earlier this year. I have given it a few spins and I like what I’m hearing. Bit more cohesive (at a glance) than their previous album, and I’m digging that album cover too. So have a listen and see what you think. This is:

Oh Hiroshima – Darkroom Aesthetics

All Comparisons Aside

This is a band that seems to draw a lot of comparisons to Tool, Opeth, and Katatonia, and I can see where these comparisons are coming from, but the band does seem to be their own entity. Their new album Lykaia, definitely seems worth a listen to help tide you over until the next Tool album. I’m digging the part that rolls in around the 4.30 mark on this song, pretty sick.

Soen – Opal

Lost In The Wilderness

Tuesday’s go-getter tune is a song by pg.lost, an instrumental band from Sweden. While I have in the past, picked and mixed from their albums, the latest one – Versus – is a solid listen from beginning to end. Allow this fella to whet your appetite. Definitely has a Tides From Nebula vibe with just a whimsy of Collapse Under The Empire.

pg.lost – Off The Beaten Path

Change Of Style

Last year In Flames dropped a new album, Battles. I’ve been a big fan of those guys over the years, but selectively. A song here and there, a splash of this album or that. Their latest album doesn’t really do it for me I’m sad to say, but at least this song caught my ear, and I’ll enjoy it for old times sake.

In Flames – Save Me

Don’t Be Lulled

Today’s circular tune comes all the way from Sweden via 2003. This is Burst with an instrumental interlude type tune. FYI don’t go listening to the rest of the album expecting similar stuff, it’s Prog Metal otherwise. Good album though if that kind of music floats your boat.

Burst – Fourth Sun

Life Is Too Short

Here’s a fairly epic track to start this week’s music ball rolling. Truckfighters are a Swedish band who crank out desert/psychedelic rock. This song is a bit of a smoldering number, takes a little bit to get into it but once it does, well it’s great (I keep hearing snatches of Tool influence in it which is fun). It’s the first track off their new album V. Check it out yo.

Truckfighters – Calm Before The Storm

What A Guy!

I’d been assuming that this was a one man band and for some reason I had ‘him’ pegged as electronic, so I was slightly surprised to find out that it’s a 3 piece from Sweden and their music is actually more Indie Pop. Egg on my face. Damn I gotta admit this is a catchy tune. Those Swedes know how to do catchy! This song is off of the latest album, III.

Miike Snow – Genghis Khan

Talent Quests Aint What They Used To Be

Damn I wish talent quests were like this! Ghost is a band that I’ve heard a lot about and only very casually listened to recently. I was going to post a different song but after watching this video I decided this was more entertaining, so here we are. Ghost is a Swedish band that seems to have generated a bit of controversy with their image and ‘satanic’ content, though apparently that’s all rather tongue-in-cheek. Enjoy this “pop-death-metal”.

Ghost – Cirice