Today’s Rabbit

Thursday already? Excellent! Have some of this! The album cover has a dogs mouth on it with that weird pink/brown gum thing they do so well. Plus some teeth, fur, and a little bit of nose. Which could be an adequate way of describing this electronic track. Oh and I should probably mention this is one of the guys from Fuck Buttons, if that’s a further indication of what to expect.

Blanck Mass – Silent Treatment

I Are Excited…

Here is something just a little bit different to signpost the middle of the week, for Wednesday is nearly gone. Yay! This is one to have on in the background and weird people out when they tune into the lyrics…

Future Of The Left – Singing Of The Bonesaws

A Break Away

Here you go, this weeks shining example of a circular album cover. I’ve been trawling my library and it’s been a frustrating exercise as I keep finding album covers with circular motifs, only to realise I’ve already posted a song by whomever. But not today! It’s Ulver, a band I meant to post ages ago but forgot about (luckily for me). Now you get:

Ulver – Glammer Hammer

This Is What We’re Talking

So these guys have a new album out, Summer 08, and here’s the latest single from it. The video features the brain from the previous anatomy post who’s clearly escaped from his bottle. Another good video for the weird collection. You can count me a fan. You think he finally died at the end, hence the abrupt ending?

Metronomy – Night Owl

Mad Friday

Let’s polish off a solid week with a weird, rather chipper little number. I want you to go out into the city, listen to this, and strut around like you have your own personal soundtrack and own the place. Discombobulation! Also, bring on the weekend!

Jiony – Desacuerdo