Damn It, There Goes Another One

I’m disappointed to learn (a bit late to the party) that Agalloch has disbanded. There goes yet another of my formative bands, they had some stellar albums in their career and some of the most epic songs. My new theme is “The End” (all the more befitting with Agalloch now gone) and will run for the next 4-5 weeks. Just to forewarn you, as of the beginning of April I won’t be posting with such regularity. I’m changing lifestyle, going travelling, and so don’t know if or when I will have the time to post. I’d still like to put up music when I can, to keep the soundtrack of my life going, and throw mystery bands at you. Fingers crossed. BTW Look beyond the vocal style in this track and listen to the surrounding music, the lyrics, don’t let the vocal growls etc put you off.

Agalloch – In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion



If yesterdays Halloween tune wasn’t sufficient to unsettle you, well just maybe this will finish the job. This is one of those things that one might fortuitously stumble upon and then spend some time questioning the decisions that have led them to this point in their life. Everything about this is just bizzaro, and I can’t say I like the music but the sheer logistics of his getup are impressive to say the least. Case in point:

“The face can be sequenced or I can hold a button on the mic and then in real time control the x/y position of the face through an accelerometer in the suit, so the face copies my hand gesture. At the same time, this is happening the same input signal can alter my voice, i.e., I move my hand up, the face moves up and so to the pitch of my voice.”

You can read a chunky interview here to gain a greater appreciation of this guy.

Anklepants – ???

A Break Away

Here you go, this weeks shining example of a circular album cover. I’ve been trawling my library and it’s been a frustrating exercise as I keep finding album covers with circular motifs, only to realise I’ve already posted a song by whomever. But not today! It’s Ulver, a band I meant to post ages ago but forgot about (luckily for me). Now you get:

Ulver – Glammer Hammer

Bit Of Madness

Here’s a fun little ditty to polish off, or maybe start your Tuesday. For fans of Diablo Swing Orchestra. According to Wikipedia, these guys are “notable for being among the first non-black metal Norwegian bands or artists singing in their native language to become popular beyond Scandinavia”. Have fun singing along…

Kaizers Orchestra – En For Orgelet, En For Meg

Vulture Culture

And now for something a little different, this here is a spot of avant-garde metal (supposedly). Love the vintage cartoon style, very dark and rather bizarre. Also a big fan of the album cover.

Vulture Industries – Lost Among Liars