Round Transparent Cup Teaspoon

Another desk title hits the mark! So I’ve given this song a few listens over the past few days and I’m really liking it. Very atmospheric instrumental stuff, brings to mind Jakob, Hammock, If These Trees Could Talk and a bit of Sembler Deah. I’ve had it on as background music so haven’t given it the attention it deserves, but I intend to, and hope you will. Don’t be fooled by the name, these guys are from Spain and this song is off their upcoming album Solstice.

Astralia – Detachment


Black & White Colours

I’m pleased to see the back of yet another Tuesday. Regrettably I seem to have chosen the worst possible time to ween myself off coffee, given that I’m proofing, reading, and generally exercising my brain to the point I’m surprised it hasn’t dribbled out of my ears… Mmmm mmm. Luckily with the help of music, I’m keeping my ears plugged! This Instrumental band reminds me of Barrows, a bit of Caspian, and a little bit of Explosions In The Sky. Here’s a solid track.

Standing In The Colour – Infinite Density

That Makes A Change

This evenings tune is a pretty decent Instrumental number by a band from Massachusetts. This is off of their 2016 album Everything Is Beautiful. I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, every time it shuffles on I’m impressed by it and make a mental note to put it up here. So far I have about 10 of those mental notes… slacker! Bits of If These Trees Could Talk, hints of Do Make Say Think in the quieter passages, and just a smattering of a Lehnen thing going on too.

Pray For Sound – I Have Seen Hell And It’s White

Following In Footsteps

After my recent post of the Grails song, this band appeared before me who definitely are rocking a bit of a Grails vibe. So I thought I’d share. Mentioned as sounding like Chelsea Wolfe and True Widow (among others), I would be remiss not to give them a listen, and initial results suggest it’s good! Very atmospheric.

Palehorse/Palerider – Sundowning

Ome Say Ew Nay Ails Gray

Hey these guys have a new album out soon, Chalice Hymnal. They do a pretty cool style of Instrumental/Psychedelic with touches of orientalism and 60s/70s vibes. It’s diverse and cool. Some other guy had this to say about the new album:

This record is by turns calming and ambient (“Rebecca”), cerebral and spectral, (“The Moth & the Flame”), meditative and noir cinematic (“After the Funeral”), gnarly, mathy, and kraut rock-tastic (“Pelham”), plus a whole bunch in between. The sounds of a bunch of musicians stretching their limbs and reaching past the horizon. (link)

Grails – Deep Snow II

We Finally Really Did It…

Well maybe we didn’t blow it up, but these guys finally bumped up the quality of their 1999 video to Nice Day For An Earthquake. It always frustrated me that there wasn’t a higher res version of this video anywhere on the internets. Apparently it bugged the band too because they finally did something about it… BUT it kinda weirds me out. They reanimated over the top of the original which certainly adds something else to it, but I also feel like it’s lost something in the process. Iff you didn’t know better, you might think it’s just a mediocre video. I recommend watching the (yes low-res) original for comparison, as the camera work was pretty clever.

Jakob – Nice Day For An Earthquake

Sad There Was Not More

The Dukes Of Leisure were an instrumental band from Wellington from back in the early 2000s. They opened for a Jakob gig I went to and I remember thinking, “shit these guys are really good, I’ll have to see them again”, then at the end of the set they announced it was their last performance ever and they were disbanding. Oh the disappointment! They have a handful of songs out there, it’s uplifting, pretty approachable instrumental music.

The Dukes Of Leisue – Time Must Have A Stop