An Aptly Titled Band Name

I am going to kick off this week with something a bit different. I would describe this as if Hammock decided to go metal. There is a real atmosphere to the songs, they’re moody, dense numbers, yet the music knows how to soar at times. The vocals might turn you off, but if you can look past them, then I’m sure you will find something to like in this. I keep hearing positive things about this album, and after a few spins, feel like I want to listen to it a lot more inorder to catch all the nuances. Seems like an album for the darkness. Sadness is from Illinois and have been making music since 2014. I might just have to go back for some of their earlier stuff…

Sadness – In The Distant Travels

Damn It, There Goes Another One

I’m disappointed to learn (a bit late to the party) that Agalloch has disbanded. There goes yet another of my formative bands, they had some stellar albums in their career and some of the most epic songs. My new theme is “The End” (all the more befitting with Agalloch now gone) and will run for the next 4-5 weeks. Just to forewarn you, as of the beginning of April I won’t be posting with such regularity. I’m changing lifestyle, going travelling, and so don’t know if or when I will have the time to post. I’d still like to put up music when I can, to keep the soundtrack of my life going, and throw mystery bands at you. Fingers crossed. BTW Look beyond the vocal style in this track and listen to the surrounding music, the lyrics, don’t let the vocal growls etc put you off.

Agalloch – In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion

Something Epic This Way Comes

I hinted at something dark for tonight’s post. Well this song is a little dark, certainly a bit grim sounding, and ridiculously epic. It deserves your attention. I recommend really getting down to the nitty gritty with this and having a good ear bash. This is a song by Agalloch off their 2010 album Marrow Of The Spirit. I’ve been a fan of these guys for as long as I can remember, though sadly I don’t listen to them so much these days. They pull off a pretty damn unique sound so keep an open mind and approach with gusto!

Agalloch – Black Lake Nidstång

Talent Quests Aint What They Used To Be

Damn I wish talent quests were like this! Ghost is a band that I’ve heard a lot about and only very casually listened to recently. I was going to post a different song but after watching this video I decided this was more entertaining, so here we are. Ghost is a Swedish band that seems to have generated a bit of controversy with their image and ‘satanic’ content, though apparently that’s all rather tongue-in-cheek. Enjoy this “pop-death-metal”.

Ghost – Cirice


Blimey, 200 Posts!

Wow, I’m surprised to see I’ve clocked up 200 posts, and relieved to see I’m not going to run out of music to post anytime soon. To celebrate, here’s a triumphant sounding song from the guys who brought you Enslaved and Wardruna. It has been a while since I posted a Vikingsy song so…

Skuggsjá – Skuggsjá

Discordant and Melancholic Darkness

Having bumped the mood up over the past couple posts, it’s time to pivot and relieve that cheery pressure with a bit of good ol’ Black Metal. Ahhhh yes, I can feel my soul withering as we speak. Actually I rather like this song, it’s long and easy to get lost in as background music. A one man band from Italy, check out his album Melancholic Wanderings for more Depressing Pagan/Black Metal! =)

Talv –  Hymn for a Desolate Celestial Body